About CheapAmmoCans.com

In 1996, fresh out of college, with a burning desire for being my own boss, I stumbled upon the world of cigars. It was my brother who gave me my first cigar and told me I needed a storage box, called a humidor, to put it in. After doing some research I saw the prices of humidors to be much more than a poor college graduate could afford. I knew there must be a better way and I knew others would want an affordable cigar humidor. Through trial and error I was able to find a humidor supplier and offered to the online world an inexpensive, yet perfectly good cigar humidor.

I started in the basement of my rented apartment in Glen Cove, NY, purchasing humidors and working on my website.  Through a lot of hard work, I was able to move into a much larger garage space, and eventually, after a move to south Florida, into a warehouse.  Around 2008 my wife and I moved across the state to Tampa, Florida where we rented a larger warehouse, and eventually hired our first employee.  As the business grew, we purchased a 5000 square foot warehouse in the Tampa area and started to hire more and more employees.

 As our humidor business (www.CheapHumidors.com) continued to grow, we branched out into other areas, such as lighters (www.BuyLighters.com) and sporting equipment.  It wasn't until we met up with a local military based charity Support the Troops, Inc.  (OurTroopsOnline.com) that I was introduced to ammo cans.  You see, Support the Troops donates everyday items that the men and women overseas need, like coffee, toiletries, games, etc.  We started to donate goods and services to them and grew a nice partnership.  Upon visiting their offices I saw a beautiful ammo can that was turned into a cigar humidor.  I knew then and there that we had to sell those to our customers.  Pretty soon, we were selling so many Ammo Can Humidors that we had to purchase in large quantities either new from the manufacturer or used from government liquidations.

As was the case with the cigar humidors, I knew people wanted ammo cans and there had to be a way to offer them inexpensively to the masses.  This is how CheapAmmoCans.com was born.  We learned a lot over the years, but the most important lessons were how to treat customers, have fun, and provide jobs to talented individuals. We certainly are thankful that you have visited us and if you ever have any questions or need anything, please feel free to contact us.

Warm Regards,

Dave Sabot